Tas Institute of Oil & Gas

The location of the institute is strategic as the oil and gas institute's provider. The richness and availability of oil and gas industries in Sabah is very well known which allow the candidate to have a wider experience not only in the context of academic but as well as practicality.

TAS Institute of Oil & Gas was also formerly known as TAS Academy (Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah Oil & Gas Academy). The institute was established on 16th August 2008 and officially launched by His Excellency Tuan Yang Terutama Yang DiPertua Negeri Sabah (TYT), Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Ahmadshah Bin Abdullah. The institute was formed under the collaboration of UMSLink Holdings Sdn. Bhd. and SilverKris Sdn. Bhd., to develop the potential of the oil and gas industries' present and future workforce towards becoming a highly motivated and skilled workforce of international standard crucial for the continuing success and sustainability of the oil and gas industries. This is moving forward and in-line with the direction and vision of 2020.

TAS Institute of Oil & Gas strives to achieve the oil and gas industries' expectation by bringing together the industries' specific requirement for a competent workforce equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge of its trade and identifying the individuals that can fulfil them.

By facilitating the connection between these individuals can effectively develop their skills, increase their knowledge and cultivate their behaviour equitable to the prescribed standard of the industries that require their services. All programmes offered in TAS Institute of Oil & Gas namely Electrical Technician Engineering, Instrumentation Technician Engineering, Mechanical Technician Engineering and Process Technician Engineering are carefully structured. This is to meet the standard and requirements by participating organisations in the oil and gas industries. The candidate graduated from TAS Institute of Oil & Gas is recognised globally and national in the field of oil and gas due to the certificate that going to be offered which is from BTEC international centre of learning.

The aim of TAS Institute of Oil & Gas to provide solution for employers through the development of quality skilled and trained employees in various disciplines required in the oil & gas industries. TAS Institute of Oil & Gas is confident to be a premier establishment of national and international recognition specializing in the development and delivery of personnel with the appropriate and relevant skills to work in the oil and gas industries.